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Fairfield Bay, AR - Bundle and Save With Our Cable TV

We offer a variety of packages and internet speeds to fit your needs in Fairfield Bay, AR. All packages will include unlimited data, however; video streaming services will only be supported on the Silver package and up.

Bundle & Save

Combine any Internet package with cable TV to receive a discounted rate.

Cable Internet Packages & Pricing

Fairfield Bay, Arkansas


5Mbps / 1Mbps


Basic Internet Browsing

Great for School Work

Social Media

$29.95/Month + Cable


25Mbps / 2.5Mbps


Music Streaming

Video Streaming

Social Media

$44.95/Month + Cable


50Mbps / 5Mbps


Lite Video Streaming

Netflix, Hulu, Etc.

Lite Online Gaming

$59.95/Month + Cable


100Mbps / 5Mbps


PerPerfect for Large Families


HD Video Streaming

Online Gaming

$74.95/Month + Cable

Fees & Services

Modem Rental - $4.95
Wireless Modem/Router Combo - $8.95
Basic Install Fee - $50.00
Install fee waived with autopayment

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