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Stay Connected With Wireless

Arrowhead Broadband's High-Speed Wireless Internet Service is available in areas not traditionally served by DSL or cable. It is faster, less expensive and more reliable than satellite Internet. No need for telephone or cable is required for our service.

Arrowhead Broadband offers a variety of packages and speeds to fit your needs. All packages will include unlimited data, however; video streaming services will only be supported on the Platinum package and up.


Residential Wireless Packages & Pricing


2Mbps / 512Kbps


Typical Internet Browsing

Great for School Work

Social Media

Unlimited Data


4Mbps / 1Mbps



Music Streaming


Video Streaming

Social Media

Unlimited Data


6Mbps / 1.5Mbps


Lite Video Streaming

Netflix, Hulu, Etc.

Lite Online Gaming

Unlimited Data


10Mbps / 2Mbps


HD Video Streaming

Netflix, Hulu, Etc.

Online Gaming

Unlimited Data

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